To Have a Baby in the House …

As I run into friends and colleagues there is one thing that most everyone seems to ask me. 

"So tell me … what is it really like with three kids?"

And I usually say the same thing to everyone, "It's insane."

But what I really should say is this. 

It's insane, no doubt. Maybe 25% more insane than it was with two kids. But what I forget to say … is how nice it is to have a baby in the house. 

Lincoln is our little light. Our ray of sunshine. Our innocent little angel. 

He sits and stares at me as I write this. Giggling, cooing and smiling. 

It is so good to have a baby in the house. 

I knew that there would be sleepless night, showerless days and pure exhaustion. 
But I forgot that along with that comes so much joy. It's pure bliss. 

The Three-Month Lincoln Update:

My little angel is sleeping the night … he started at about ten-weeks. Never fail, all three of my boys slept through the night by ten weeks. Around eight weeks, I was close to my breaking point surviving on such short increments of sleep at a time … I thought he would never start to sleep and I was about to snap. Then "poof" one night he slept through the night and hasn't reverted back. I credit my Mommy Erica Boot Camp practice (aka: Babywise. I swear by this book. If you are pregnant or going to have a baby, READ THIS BOOK and do what they say. It works. I promise).

Lincoln's Hair.
Total strangers come up to me and the first thing they comment on is his hair. So for the hair update … it is growing strong. He lost a small patch in the back (where his head rests to sleep) but besides that, no loss and an additional growth line has come in. His brows are also quickly filling in. He may soon need a wax. Did I read that spicy food during pregnancy is suppose to encourage hair growth? I could have that mixed up. Regardless, we did have a lot of mexican takeout during pregnancy. I put this cute little  monkey cap on him over the weekend. It's funny to cover up his head and then unexpectedly pull off his hat and people are shocked at the poof of hair that appears.

The Crib.
Lincoln is yet to sleep in his crib. He is still sleeping in the bassinet next to my bed. Emmett went to the crib at about two weeks. Fletcher went there at about 6 days (he is a loud sleeper!). Lincoln … well, I don't want him to leave my side. So we continue to share a bedroom.

This could be TMI … if so, stop reading.
So I stopped breastfeeding at eleven weeks. And I felt ridiculously guilty. And I shouldn't … why is breastfeeding so hard to give-up? There is so much pressure to breastfeed babies … I wanted to do it as long as I could. But being realistic, there is no way that I can keep it up once I start work again, and even running around with three kids, just not possible.
So I stopped. and I was sad. Really sad … it's the hormones.
But now Lincoln is all formula (one breast milk bottle a day thanks to my freezer stash!) and it so good to have my body back.

The Brothers.
Emmett and Fletcher continue to adore their little brother. They will sing to him, talk to him, read to him and try to teach him things. It is so fun to watch them all together (in the rare moments that no one is crying, screaming or fighting).

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The Mudroom

My mudroom continues to be a work in progress.

It is finally done "enough" to show some photos. But I need some help. Specifically from those with older children that can tell me what the hell I am suppose to do with all of these papers and artwork that come home each day in the backpack! Some is cute … some I want to keep … but we are at a point where enough is enough!

Let me preface with the acknowledgement that we have an awesome mudroom. Honestly. It was one of the things that our old house was lacking. With three boys and the amount of shoes, hats, mittens, backpacks, lunch kits, etc - etc!, that we have … we needed a large space for it all. We have the space … I am still fine-tuning the organization of the space.

Here is a peek of the before …

Total disaster. I could clean it up once a day and come in the next morning … disaster again. 

So we did a few things. I found these amazing Galvanized Mailboxes at Pottery Barn and I bought five of them. (The discussion that then happened between Brad and I was a a different story.). 

Anyhow … we came to realize that we only have space for three Mailboxes (anyone need two? They were final sale!!). The Mailboxes are a "holding place" for kid items. Not artwork or everyday items - but things that we need to keep but don't really have a "home" … like Fletcher's guide to his preschool … or Emmett's "rules" about what he can bring for snacks to share … or Lincoln's recap from his last pediatric check-up. You know, "those" kinds of things. 

For the artwork and school homework that is completed, I bought each of the boys a binder. Inside this binder goes the "best of the best" … all three-hole punched and kept neatly in the binder. The boys love that they each have a binder and actually ask to look through it from time to time. The issue? I can't quite keep up. Too much paper! Ideas of how anyone else has managed this?

Did I mention the need for an old-school calendar? I can't keep track of the ever-changing soccer, karate, school, speech class, yoga, trainer, doctor, dentist, etc-etc schedule … old-school has been the only way to keep it organized.

The other side of the mudroom holds various jackets, backpacks, uniforms … the three cute chevron baskets on top hold each of the boys' mittens and hats. 

It's so nice … when it's clean. 




That's a word I wouldn't have used to describe my last two maternity leaves. But this one?
I am content. 

I have had to adjust a lot of things since Lincoln was born. My biggest adjustment? Letting go and enjoying the moment. 

We've been reading more books. Having more movie nights. And playing more games. 

It's ok that there is a streak of milk on the counter or a load of laundry waiting upstairs. I am trying to let go. The boys will only be this age once … lets enjoy it because before we know it … we will be sitting here alone in an empty house. 

So … 

I bought a new pair of tennis shoes and have worn them nearly every day. With Lululemon. My feet have appreciated the break. Comfort has come first. 

Fall is my favorite season. Every year as November approaches I am a bit sad that it went too fast. Not this year. We started celebrating in September and have visited more Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches that I can count. This year … for the first time … I can say that I got my fill of Fall. (Can I please pack up the Halloween decorations yet?)

Yesterday may have been one of my favorite days yet of leave. Instead of rushing around to do things after we got Big Brother on the bus … well, Lincoln and I sat on the couch, had another cup of coffee and watched Scandal. For two hours. That's unheard-of in my book. 

Leisurely trips to Anthropologie
And this smile … melts my heart every time.
Three weeks left … soak it up.

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