My Koala Baby

I wish I had the magic formula to make children sleep.

Lincoln has been the root of some major sleep deprivation at our house. Infants are so dang hard.

Is he sick?
Does he have an ear infection?
Does he hate the Mumford + Sons CD playing in his nursery?
Is he teething?
Is he cold?
Is his nose stuffy?
Is his diaper wet?
Is he starting to have an attachment issue?
Is he just pissed?

If only he could talk.

Future Mothers: I am speaking to you. I started a really bad habit with this little guy.

I (think) he will be our last baby.
So what did I do?
I have totally embraced it. And threw every baby rule out the window.

Rather than kicking him out of the bassinet in our room at 6 weeks (one week if your name is Fletcher. Sorry, you just breathe too loud) I let him stay until he was 4 months old. And to be honest, at this point, he was only evicted because he turned into this plump little sausage that was practically molded into the bassinet. He couldn't move and I could barely wedge him out to pick him up.

So to his crib he went.

And he was good in there.
For about a month.
And now all hell has broken lose.

We lay him down. And there is a science to laying him down.

  1. He must be asleep. Sound asleep. So much so that you can hear him "squeaking" which he only does when he is sound asleep. 
  2. The music must be on. The humidifier must be on. His bathroom light must be on. (Yes, Lincoln has a Jr. Suite. So spoiled)
  3. Once you lay him down, you must hold his hand until his arms form "goal post" position above his head and his fingers release your fingers. 
  4. From that point, you quickly move your hands to his stomach to provide an additional layer of comfort for a few minutes. 
  5. If all appears to be good, you can slowly back-up.
  6. Quietly sneak out the door. 
  7. Lay in bed and wait for him to start screaming. 
Don't start in with the lecture. I've had three kids. I know what I was supposed to do

Start him in his crib earlier. 
Make him nap in his crib. 
Put him down awake.
Set a routine before bed so he knows what to expect. 

Whatever. He's my baby and I just want to hold him forever. I could care less about what the baby books say. He is my little koala. Always attached to Mommy. 

But I have to admit. I am potentially regretting my course of action. 

So ignore my extra coffee runs and circles under my eyes. I have been up half the night tending to a non-sleeping baby.

But let me tell you, when he cuddles his sweet little body to his mommy for special snuggles, there isn't any feeling in the world that compares. 

And if he's my last, I will soak-up every minute.


The Modern Consignment Shop

I've struggled with what to do with clothes I no longer wear.

You know … items that still have life but I am just tired of them. I have tried consigning in the past but didn't have the best experience. You may have read about my experience trying to sell household items off of the Facebook group sites when we were moving from our last house. Not again.

While on Maternity leave I discovered a brilliant app … Poshmark. And now I am obsessed.

It's basically an online consignment store. You set-up your own "store." You upload pictures, you manage your own inventory and set your own prices. People can search the app to look for particular sizes, brands, colors. Shipping is a flat $4.99 which the buyer pays and Posh takes a small commission off of each item you sell. After one of your item sells, you are emailed a pre-paid postage document to print out, tape to your package and voila, done! You can keep your earnings in your "account" online or ask for a check to be mailed to you.

I first downloaded the app to sell items … and I have sold a dozen or so items.

And now I can use it to find treasures.

I am a bargain hunter. A serious bargain hunter. No matter my budget, I always seem to gravitate forward the "sale" rack wherever I am shopping. Who doesn't like a  deal?  Through Posh, you can find great deals on all sorts of items - but I love finding unworn brand new items. (Brand-new J.Crew shoes unworn in the box for $30. Okay, I think I need these).

Yes, there are the people selling used dirty teeshirts for $4 (hello, the small profit you will make from that purchase is less than it takes to drive it to the post office, but whatever).

It's the modern consignment shop. Check it out.


Groove Rediscovery

I've got a date. 

And I am a little giddy about it. 

We've been in the house just over six months now. It's starting to feel like home. 

Except for one room. 

It's officially the "dumping grounds" of the house. It's a pit. I really mean that. You can't even open the door without hitting something. Then you have to turn on the light to walk in or else you will fall over something. Then you can really only tip-toe in the room or you could step on something. And only one person can fit in the room at once. There simply isn't any room for more. 

It's our front office. Soon to be, my DREAM ART ROOM. 

I am glad that we waited this long to finish it. Like most things, I need to sort through the creative process in my head before we can start the work. 

Convince Brad.

These things take time people! But it's time. 

Soon, Chuck will arrive. Chuck will look at the space and we can talk about some of my ideas. Chuck also designed my closet and kitchen. Sometimes, Chuck and I have a few disagreements (yes, Chuck, I really do need two hampers in my closet) but what I really do love about Chuck … is his love of drawers. You don't really find many people that you can connect to on this level. And this space, Chuck, needs lots of drawers. 

I have so many things to organize and put away. 

Tissue Paper. 
Party Supplies. 
Camera Gear. 
Photography Props. 
Wrapping Paper. 

I feel like I have been living in a black hole these last few months. Without an organized space, my creativity has been lacking. I haven't been blogging. I haven't been party planning. I haven't been photography-ing. 

It's time to get my groove back. (and a special thank you to my sweet baby Lincoln for providing us with an additional tax write-off which will be helping to fund my groove rediscovery)

A few people have said, "Wow, you are so lucky to be able to design your own office."

Lets be clear. I have worked hard for this. 

Flashback 14 years. I was living in a 700 square-foot efficiency apartment with my art supplies in an under-the-bed storage tub. 

Flashback 11 years ago, I upgraded to a craft table (a Christmas gift from my mom) with special holders for all of my gear. This lived in the guest room of our townhouse and came out for "Scrapping Weekends."

Flashback 8 years ago, we built our first "real house" where we turned an extra bedroom into my craft room. I outfitted the room with unique storage furniture from Ikea. This storage furniture has now been claimed by Emmett and Fletcher and holds their massive Lego collection among other toys. 

And now. It's time for a custom office. With built-ins. And potentially most notably, a ribbon rack. 

It's time. Let the construction begin.