The Easter Slacker

Framing on our new house has begun!

Easter is this weekend. 

I am feeling like a total slacker. Holidays are my thing.

I plan. 
I decorate. 
I entertain. 

This holiday … nothing. is. done.

The Easter Bunny hasn't even thought about what he might want to bring. We are having our cousins and Auntie Terri over to dye Easter Eggs on Saturday and I haven't even bought a thing. Except a few egg cartons on Etsy that haven't even arrived yet, probably because I ordered them too late. 

Check out last year's party. It was pretty amazing. Minus the mis-spelled Pottery Barn "Happy Taster" sign. I am a Mommy Disappointment this year. 

I gotta get it together. I have two more days. 

In other news … 

Remember this post, Selling Sh*t? Thanks for the love and ideas through your Facebook comments. I found comfort in knowing that I am not alone in finding ways to sell things. 
But the latest twist? 
Apparently Mommy Erica has a more popular following in Blaine than I knew of. I am slowly being kicked out of Facebook For Sale groups. Damn it. 
(Freedom of speech, didn't anyone else take Comm Law?)
Now I really need to find a new outlet to sell sh*t. We close on our house in two weeks and I still have some sh*t to sell!

Brutus gets his stitches removed on Friday. He is recovering well from his surgery. Now … we have three options that we are struggling with. 
1. Do nothing. See if the tumor comes back. 
2. Operate again. Soon. Get back in there and clean-up potentially bad regrowth and cells to prevent the cancer from coming back. 
3. Visit the Dog Oncologist and begin Chemotherapy. 

What would you do?
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