House Progress: 4 Days to Go

This is it … we have nearly made it. 

Four days until we close on our new house. 

People keep asking if we are excited … that could the underestimate of the year. 

I am screaming from the rooftops excited!

This week, carpet was installed. 

See the three choices above … the lightest taupe is for the great room and entire upstairs. The decorative carpet is for the office and the darker taupe is for the basement. 

Fletcher checks out the carpet installation in his room
Future "Movie Room" … We shouldn't have told Emmett what this room was.
He is now laying on the pressure to Brad to get a TV for this space right way.
Completion of this room will be a future project. 

This will be the last weekly blog update until we move in … a few last photos … everything is nearly complete. 

The kitchen is looking amazing … 

The floors are being cleaned … 

Our shoes feel right at home in the mudroom … 

I can't wait for the basement bar to open up for Happy Hour … 

The last painting project should wrap-up today. A last-minute color change to the sunroom … 

And the best news of all … Baby J has seemed to have held out. I am going to lie-low all weekend in case he starts to get any ideas of an early arrival. Tomorrow marks the 37-week mark. I officially carried this little guy full-term!

The hardest part of building a house has been not being able to properly "nest" and get the nursery set-up. I have an entire corner (well, lets be honest, half of a room) dedicated to storing nursery gear for this little guy. It will be my first project once we get in on Tuesday. 

Every Julkowski Baby gets a new and custom nursery. Emmett had a Baby Farm Animal theme … Fletcher had an Owl theme … 

This room will be grey and taupe … combining fun patterns and giraffes and elephants. 
Here are a few items that will go inside …

How adorable is this Giraffe? Doesn't every baby need a 5-foot fall Giraffe?
This is a gift from my dear friend Niki after I took a new baby pictures of her little girl last weekend.
Thank you so much!

36-week Baby Bump at work


Bump Update: 36 Weeks

I finally made it. 

It's the 36-week bump. Just four weeks left!

These days, my life is all about Popsicles, apple juice and toast.

We have one week until the house is ready … it actually looks as though the baby may hold out!

But just in a case … this week's big effort was to pack the hospital bag. 

I've done this before. Baby #1 and Baby #2 meant big hospital bag filled with semi-unnecessary things. 

I have smartened up. 

You really don't need much … just the key essentials. 

Delivery Hospital Bag Necessities: 

1. A Cute Bag. I packed everything inside my new diaper bag. 

2. Blanket for Baby. Yes, they have them in the hospital. But they are ugly and the same ones that you see in everyone's baby pictures. Bring your own. At least one. It also can double as a great background for hospital photos. 

3. Going home outfit for baby. This needs to be a very small outfit. Even if your baby is "full size" the newborn size is likely all that will fit - I picked a white sleeper from Gap in the Newborn Size (Under 7 pounds) and a cute "hi" hat. 

4. Pacifiers. Sometimes the hospital has them … but then sometimes they make you feel bad for asking for one (nurses are so judgmental!) If you think you will want to introduce a pacifier, bring your own. 

5. Going home outfit for Mommy. I packed my C9 Yoga pants that I have been able to wear all pregnancy and a new over sized-Lululemon short-sleeved sweatshirt. You will leave the hospital still feeling about 5-months pregnant. 

6. Normal Toiletries. PLUS … a bar of soap (hospital soap is the worst) and a fresh tube of grapefruit Burts Bees lip gloss. Lip Gloss in delivery is important.

7. Invest in a great smelling lotion and soap. Many people will be in and out of your room. The hospital soap is so sterile and just smells like a hospital. I picked Aveda's Rosemary Mint and packed matching shampoo and conditioner. Trust me … the first post-birth shower is amazing … you will want a great smelling soap. 

This week's project … the labor playlist. 


House Progress: 2 Weeks to Go

Two weeks to go!

We visited the house tonight excited to see lots of progress from the day. 

Landscaping has begun and sprinklers were put in. We did a simple Boulder Wall in the front and on the sides of the house, with concrete pavers in the front. Tomorrow shrubs will be put in. 

We also added a couple of trees and did a stamped + colored patio in the back. 

I was excited to see the exterior lights hooked up today. These beauties are from Lowes - super affordable and they look amazing. 

Inside … the kitchen is really shaping up. What was a touch-and-go room, has turned out to be one of our favorites. Everyone was right … seeing the appliances with the granite and lighting really helped round out the room. 

A few other of our favorite spaces on the main level … 

powder room with matching lights to the kitchen

dining room chandelier all lit up (finally with the right bulbs!)

My Restoration Hardware entry light finally has power. Brad insists my eyes lit up when I saw it for the first time. It looks amazing … 

Downstairs, the bar pendant lights were installed today - also from Restoration. Loving the "rustic" feeling they have.

Now lets go upstairs and check out the bathroom. 

Note, the pendant lights in the bathroom still need to be "dropped" a bit but you get the idea. How amazing is this looking? I took a big risk here by avoiding the ho-hum typical overhead bathroom lights. The risk paid off … loving these pendant lights from Restoration Hardware.

Connected to the master bath is one of my favorite spaces of the house … my dream closet. I am such a lucky girl for this space and can't wait to fill it up. Note how the light matches the pendants in the bathroom. Simply in love.

Finally … we may have extended the master shower a bit much. I think we could actually have a party in the shower. It will have three shower heads and a capacity threshold of 14. 

For now, the boys just enjoy running around it. 

All of the house progress seemed to exhaust poor Fletcher. 

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