Berry Smoothie (packed with Kale!)

So I have a new obsession. Making smoothies!

As I continue in my quest to lose my baby weight, I am looking for heather, fresh options that include less bread. So I have started to #drinkyourbreakfast

I used to have this mentality that I needed to actually "chew" to feel full. No longer after whipping up a few of these different smoothies. I was overwhelmed with recipes and ingredients. I searched Pinterest for the best recipes and followed them to a tee. 

Now? I feel like I have the basics down and can just experiment and add whatever I can find in the fridge. 

I always start with Kale or Spinach as a green base and include some sort of nutrient-packed seed. I also like to use either yogurt or a banana to give it some texture.

Of all of the super-greens, Kale is the best. It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. I also love to include Chia Seeds or Hemp Seeds … Chia Seeds in particular are loaded with nutrients and little calories. I found a jumbo-bag of Chia seeds at Costco for like $10. 

Below is what I used to make a Berry Smoothie - packed with Kale that you can't even taste. This recipe is packed full of yummy goodness and vitamins - this tastes so fresh, has only 255 calories and is packed full of protein, potassium, vitamin A + C, calcium and iron. You can't go wrong!

My recipe: 
2 cups of kale
Handful of blackberries
Handful of strawberries
3 tsp of chia seeds
3/4 cup of pomegranate juice (this is really what masks the kale)
3/4 cup of plain nonfat greek yogurt

I use a Magic Bullet to blend it all together. This makes about 1.5 servings.

It's so easy to blend and bring in the car … trust me, it's a circus trying to get three kids out of the house in the morning, I can drink my breakfast in the car to save time and get a super-yummy option. 

What's your favorite smoothie ingredient?


the aftermath

maybe the biggest hit from the Christmas toys … super hero action figures.

happy new year.
we've been busy at our house. 
flu recovery. (along with pink eye, ear infection and a sinus infection)
christmas recovery. 
shopping, wrapping, opening, cleaning. 
working (a bit). 
playing (a lot). 
visiting family. 
drinking wine (a lot). 

some photos from our last two weeks.

emmett helps mom out at work. 

christmas with the cousins.

finally … turtle accessories. 

a baby turtle.

we introduced "home alone" to the boys this year. I continue to walk in to "traps" that they continue to set around the house. 

baby lincoln found his toes!

our new year's eve dinner … leftover pizza with a bottle of wine that cost about 4X as much as the pizza. it's funny how our priorities have changed. Damn it was good.

our favorite waffles in our new double waffle maker.


my everything

I could stare at this picture forever …

My three boys.

We take family photos one time a year. I adore photos and take millions myself. But once a year, Mommy needs to get in the shot for a family photo. I am blown away by this year's photos - the price point was right and the quality was amazing. If you can believe it, I have some high photo expectations.  This year - she nailed it.

Check out our favorites.