Our Easter Day

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. 

Wasn't the weather ridiculous? It was about time we had a warm day. I sat on my mom's deck and just looked straight at the sun and soaked it in. 

A few photos from our weekend … 

The boys made their way downstairs to check for eggs. Please don't judge the Christmas PJs. I am really not myself these days.

Did he eat the carrots?

The basket search begins … 
Emmett is still in "awe" of the brilliance of the Easter bunny's hiding spot for his basket. Funniest place ever, according to four-year-old Emmett.

Meanwhile … Fletcher looks high in the closet for his.

This is what happens to Daddy when the boys get up at 6:30 am to look for eggs.
Daddy loves to sleep in on the weekends … he took a quick cat nap.
Then it was off to Grandma Candy's for dinner … we had to review a few rules in the car before going inside. 

1. No hitting.
2. No yelling.
3. No screaming during dinner.
4. No showing anyone your penis.

Luckily, most of the rules were followed. Sigh. To be a mom of two (nearly three) boys.

Flashback to Saturday … our decorating party!
I had to Google how to make eggs. I don't make them! Five Dozen eggs and two hours later . 
This was our impromptu easter egg party with Auntie Terri, Grandma and the Cousins. Leftover craft supplies and definitely not up to standards. But still fun!

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