My Last Day at Target

I honestly never thought I'd leave Target. I adore the brand, the people, the work.
But now that it happened, it feels right.

A lot has changed in the 12 years that I called Target home.

I walked by this painting for the first time wearing a Gap pleated skirt and a teal v-neck sweater from Express. I was shy and nervous on my way to Target Welcome. I quickly started chugging the Target Kool-Aid and became overcome with excitement. After Target Welcome, I immediately stopped at our company store on that cold day in December to purchase a Bullseye the Dog ornament for our Christmas tree (and one for my mom. Everyone loves Bullseye, right?)

I grew up at Target.

Each morning I'd stop at the Starbucks inside our building to pick-up my daily coffee fix and walk by this painting on my way to the elevator bank. (In the early days, we'd trek to the store to get coffee.) Target really turned me into a coffee addict. When I started, I was the occasional Caramel Latte drinker. That advanced to Vanilla Lattes, then Skinny Vanilla Lattes … and now? Straight-up black coffee. Maybe two a day. And the Baristas know my name and my order (sometimes they see me in line and immediately pour my coffee so I don't have to wait when I get to the register. That's VIP service. When you get to that level, you know you have a problem.)

I carried three precious little babies by this painting.
I worked under the leadership of three CEOs by this painting.
I walked by this painting on holidays, at 5am, at midnight and on weekends.
I turned 30 by this painting as well as found my first grey hair and my passion for California wine (But never drank wine by the painting. That's not allowed.)
And … I've said Good Bye to best friends and colleagues by this painting.

I walked past this glittery Bullseye painting for the last time. It's my turn to say Good Bye.

I turned in my badge.
My computer.
My cell phone.
And my corporate credit card.

I still have to pinch myself when I think about the amazing projects I touched, the amazing people I worked with, and the amazing people I met. In my goodbye breakfast with my team, I was asked "Who is the best celebrity you met while working at Target?" Because lets be honest. I met a lot of celebrities.

A few come to mind that I actually "worked with":
Kenny Chesney
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Swift
Justin Timberlake
Black Eyed Peas
Pearl Jam
Luke Bryan
Faith Hill
Imagine Dragons
Lady Antebellum
Martina McBride
Michael Buble
The Twilight Cast

Whatever. The most memorable? That time I saw Jason Priestly from afar on the red carpet for Disney's Planes movie. I didn't talk to him, but I saw him. I will forever be a Beverly Hills 90210 fan.

If only I had met Patrick Dempsey. Then my bucket list would be complete.

I digress …

It's time to do something different.
It's a new adventure.
I am so fortune to be able to follow my passion and continue to learn from an amazing leader with the support of my family.

I am calm.
I am content.
And I am bursting at the seams to begin my new adventure.
But first, I think I'll take a week off. I've got a baby to send to first grade.

*This post is dedicated to the Target Public Relations Team. But potentially most notably, to Josh Thomas. I will forever miss you leaving your trash in my cube, talking about the prisoner in my basement and treating me to afternoon coffee. Thank you for all you taught me and I can't wait to let your dog out and make you dinner. 

Also - Amy G, Amy J, Kate, Jess and Sarah: I left our post-it "Bachelor Break-Up Predictor" in the top shelf of my overhead cabinet. Please save it and continue to track until they (finally) break-up. And Kate, I stole your scissors. They are on my desk.


Happy Birthday to Sweet Baby Lincoln

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baby Lincoln.

It clearly feels like just yesterday when you were born … and here we are celebrating your first birthday already.

Please stop the clock.


Road Trip Weekend

If you follow me on Instagram you clearly know that we took a little family road trip to Fargo this past weekend. We had a family wedding to attend in Grand Forks and decided to spend a night in Fargo en route. 

I hadn't been back to Fargo in ten-some years … it was so much fun to show the kids where Mommy grew up and went to school. Not to mention the swimming, pizza and wedding fun.

I am obsessed with slide shows … check out all of our fun in the show below.