Mini Apple Pie

I convinced Emmett + Fletcher to visit another apple orchard with me on Sunday. Brad wanted to watch football so him and Lincoln cuddled up and Em, Fletch and I hit the road. 

Like me, the boys adore anything Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch related. So we ventured to Pine Tree Orchard in White Bear Lake … along with the rest of the state. 

The boys were so patient … we walked through the orchard, visited the pumpkins and then took a hay ride. I tried to bribe them with everything I could think of to NOT do the hay ride … the line was at least 45-minutes to get on. But they insisted that we do it … and actually waited patiently in line. 

We came home with a huge bag of apples. We have made Apple Crisp half-a-dozen times so it was time to try something new. 

Fletcher requested Apple Pie. I have never made a pie (nor do I really like pies) but I wanted to give it a try. They were actually super fun to make and pretty easy … this recipe is adapted from several I found on Pinterest to work for me: 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Cut up about four cups of apples.

Then mix up:
8 tablespoons flour
One cup of sugar
3 teaspoons cinnamon

Mix all of this on top of the apples so they are all covered.

Now the fun part …

Take a cookie sheet and refrigerated Pie Crusts. I used three crusts total - two come in a package.

You need to cut the pie crusts into 12 circles. I experimented with a few sizes and found a 5" mug to give me the right size circle. You will have to cut and then fold out again with a rolling pin.

The cut circle will set nicely inside each "cup" and then just fold the tops down.

Fill each cup with apple filling and then take 5 tablespoons of butter and cut into little pieces to fit one inside each cup.

Use the extra pie crust to make the fun criss-cross lines on the top. A pizza cutter worked well to get even lines.

 I baked them for about sixteen minutes.

Serve with Ice Cream, I put a little cinnamon-sugar on ours! Delicious.

Here is a great Apple Crisp recipe too:


Get out and enjoy an orchard before the season is over! It is, after all, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Kidnapping Cats

I have said this before … when I am not working, there is a "void" in my brain that is usually occupied with work topics. I need to fill that void or I drive myself (and everyone around me) crazy. 

So I do crazy things.

Like …

Make obnoxious lunches for Emmett to bring to school.

Wash all of the winter coats and hang them by color and size.

Compulsively organize my closet.

Rescue stray animals.

Yes, this weekend I rescued a stray cat. The story went like this …

I was driving home from Target with Emmett and Fletcher. A beautiful siamese cat crossed in front of our car on the main road outside our house. This was no alley cat. He was beautiful, well groomed and even had that cute little tail that was shaved with a big ball at the end.

The boys saw it. And it was over.

They insisted that I go and pick him up and save him. I agreed. It was a busy street after all.

So I plucked him up, drive home with him on my lap, and quickly shut the garage door. (I overlooked the fact that he wasn't declawed and snagged my Lululemon pants.)

Shit I thought … now what do I do? I didn't want a cat inside the house. But I needed to keep him tied up so he didn't run away.

So I pulled out an old dog kennel and made him a "bed" in the garage. The boys and I spent the night going out to check on him.

I posted a "found" message on our neighborhood Facebook page, thinking that someone would instantly claim him. The hours went by … no takers.

Night came.

I thought the kitty might have to potty. I begged Brad to go buy a litter box, but I wasn't convincing enough. Brad told me to put him out on the dog's leash. The cat didnt have a collar, so I harnessed the cat up on the Brutus' leash and took him out to try to get him to go potty. I think we forgot that cats need sand … and privacy. No potty for the kitty. And he didn't really like being "walked." I was worried all night that his little bladder was going to explode.

To make a long story short … the next morning I took the kitty to my vet to see if he had a chip.
He did! The vet gave me the phone number/address of his owners.

The cat lived across the street.

It is clearly time for me to find a new hobby and to stop kidnapping the neighbor's cats.


Soccer Match

It's time for a kid-bragging moment … I fell in love all over with my camera this weekend. 

Emmett had a brutally cold soccer game … Daddy stayed home with Lincoln and Fletcher so I brought my camera to keep me company. 

I hadn't pulled out my 'long' lens in long time … I am loving what I captured. 

When you are five … soccer is played a little different. They are all over the ball all of the time. It is a struggle to get them to pay attention to the game for long intervals. Post-game snacks is the most exciting part. 

Check out our game …