That's a word I wouldn't have used to describe my last two maternity leaves. But this one?
I am content. 

I have had to adjust a lot of things since Lincoln was born. My biggest adjustment? Letting go and enjoying the moment. 

We've been reading more books. Having more movie nights. And playing more games. 

It's ok that there is a streak of milk on the counter or a load of laundry waiting upstairs. I am trying to let go. The boys will only be this age once … lets enjoy it because before we know it … we will be sitting here alone in an empty house. 

So … 

I bought a new pair of tennis shoes and have worn them nearly every day. With Lululemon. My feet have appreciated the break. Comfort has come first. 

Fall is my favorite season. Every year as November approaches I am a bit sad that it went too fast. Not this year. We started celebrating in September and have visited more Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches that I can count. This year … for the first time … I can say that I got my fill of Fall. (Can I please pack up the Halloween decorations yet?)

Yesterday may have been one of my favorite days yet of leave. Instead of rushing around to do things after we got Big Brother on the bus … well, Lincoln and I sat on the couch, had another cup of coffee and watched Scandal. For two hours. That's unheard-of in my book. 

Leisurely trips to Anthropologie
And this smile … melts my heart every time.
Three weeks left … soak it up.

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The Black & White Spooky Skeleton Soiree

That's a wrap on this year's Halloween party. 

This year … the Black and White Spooky Skeleton Soiree. It was smaller than in year's past … 13 people including Lincoln. And what can you do when you have a small crowd? It was the perfect night for a Spooky Soiree … an intimate dinner party. 

It was our first party in our new house and wow did I have fun decking out my new dining room. Black and White, Skeletons and Rats overtook the space … I just loved this room. 

What do you eat at a Skeleton Soiree? Spooky food, of course. 

Here was our menu … I cooked and dished-up, Brad played waiter. It was so fun introducing each new course to our guests.

And photos of each course … 

Baked Witch Fingers with a Bloody Dipping Sauce

Creamy Snakes with Eyeballs and a fresh Tongue

Wild Organic Dogs in a Mummy Cloth

Choice of a Muddy or Slimy Dessert with Mud and Worms

Mummy Cupcakes

As a fun surprise for the kids, we decorated Chocolate  Haunted Houses … I had ambitions to bake these myself but in the last minute settled for the do-it-yourself kits from Target.
They kids loved them …

And finally … Pumpkin Carving.

Lincoln and I had a busy Friday afternoon setting up and decorating … 

Caramel Apple Bar

Mummy Candy

The Witch's Pantry came back out for an appearance … this year, overtaken by rats.

Finally, it was time to get dressed and our guests arrived.

This year's family photo cracks me up … could it be any more mismatched? We were all supposed to be Mummies … my costume didn't fit and Fletcher insisted on being a Vampire. Meanwhile, Lincoln outgrew his and Brad couldn't see in his costume. Yikes.

Terri … the Bride of Death!

and that's a wrap.