The Arrival of Baby Lincoln

Finally … our Baby Lincoln has arrived. 

Just a day past his due date … we welcomed Sir Lincoln on Sunday evening, 10:48pm weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long. 

Just like with Emmett and Fletcher … I struggled to know if it was really "the" time to go in. I had many contractions over the weekend … which was really no different than the entire pregnancy. But by 6pm on Sunday night … I decided it was time. 

We rolled in to the hospital at 7. In spite of all of the contractions I had been having … now 4 minutes apart … I still was showing no progress since my last doctor appointment. Only dilated to a "2". I was frustrated and the nurse sent me walking laps around the floor without admitting me. She told me to "walk" for the next hour and then she would re-check me and decide if I could be admitted. 

Yep. I was officially "that" person walking around the floor in my backless gown barefoot. I did find a lovely hospital robe to cover me a bit. 

From 7:30 to 8:30 I walked … with each lap, the contractions seemed to intensify and as the clock inched closer to 8:30, I could no longer walk through the contractions and we had to take breaks every 3 minutes to let the contractions pass. Who knew this walking the floor thing actually might be working. 

At 8:30 the nurse had me lie down and she said she would be back to check me at 9:00. (I was like, WTF? It's been an hour.) 

She came back at nine … I was now dilated to a three. 

It was enough to admit me. But are you serious, that much pain and only a three? You've got to be kidding me. This was way worse than the last two deliveries. 

I had been on the fence about getting drugs. Emmett was a 12-hour labor with an epideral. Fletcher was a four-hour labor with no time for drugs. If I could have another "fast" labor I would skip the drugs. But at this rate and with this much pain, drugs felt like a necessity.

She officially checked me in and called my doctor. My doctor arrived at 9:45 … She came to break my water and I was now a five. They started an IV so I could get an epideral. I was surprised to advance that quickly and hoped that I still had time for it. Apparently they needed to get one bag of fluids in my system before the anesthesiologist could administer the epideral so they started fluids. This process would take about 20-minutes.

It got to be 10:15 … and they checked me again. I was an eight. 

Goodbye Epideral. 

And at 10:48 … Lincoln made his appearance!

Lincoln is beautiful. His complexion is perfect and he has a perfectly shaped head of dark, dark hair. He is a beauty.

Being a third-time Mommy, I was excited to get out of the hospital. We spent just over 24-hours there … 

Lincoln's first visitors … Big Brothers Emmett + Fletcher. 

 The boys were so excited to meet their new brother. They looked at him in awe and gave him plenty of kisses and hugs. 

and enjoyed a few new presents from Lincoln. 

Our new family photo … Party of Five.

We were thrilled for visitors to see Baby Lincoln! Amazing Nanny Tina, Grandma Candy, Grandpa + Grandma Julkowski, and Auntie Terri and Holly. 

And bright and early Tuesday morning … it was time to head home. 

This is such a horrible photo … but I have the same photo with Emmett and Fletcher so it felt like a necessary photo to capture. Don't look at my hair. Or my face. 

 A quick stop for coffee and we headed home …

Brutus says … "You've got to be kidding me. Another one?"

Just wait Brutus … the real fun has yet to begin. 


Knock, Knock. We Are Finally Home!

We made it. 
Welcome Home, Julkowski Family. 

If you follow my instagram page … you've seen a bit of the house. Now that we finally have wifi (don't ask!) I can share a few more pictures. 

We are in bliss. 
"Pinch-me, it can't be real bliss." 
Did we really just move in to our dream house?

I still feel like we are playing dress-up a bit. Like this isn't really our house and we will have to move out soon. The kitchen is so cool that I actually made dinner in it twice this week. 
If you know me, that's big news. 

The Baby has held out … I am nearly 39 weeks now and according to my doctor, I better make next week's appointment because he isn't coming anytime soon. After all the hospital scares this pregnancy, I never thought I'd actually get to unpack our new home before he arrived … but I did. This little guy was blessed with the patience that no one else in the house seems to have. 

We are nearly unpacked … less than a week later. We have been working like machines. There is still plenty of decorating and refining to do … but it is in a livable state. Below are a few photos … welcome to our home!

Come on inside … 

There are only four colors of paint inside the house (ok, five if you could the powder room bathroom.) It was important to me to have a house that felt cohesive throughout the entire house. My last house had different paint every where, like a rainbow threw up inside. This house is all based on four core colors of grey - Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey, Dorian Grey, Dovetail Grey and Gauntlet Grey. 

The floors are hickory and stained in a cool brown. There are two different shades of carpet - a medium taupe and a darker taupe (ok, then a fun carpet in the office that blends both colors.) All chrome faucets and showers, a mix of lighting from Restoration Hardware and Lowes. Woodwork is stained Ebony or enameled Shoji White from Sherwin Williams. 

Lots more photos to come as we eventually decorate … but here is a sneak as it looks today!

Front entry way

The furniture-less formal dining room
The main-level office

Great Room

Sunroom - Casual dining corner
Mudroom Entry
Mudroom "message" Center
Main level Powder Room
Let's take a walk downstairs … 

Family Room
Bar with built-in Football Sunday TV

Also in the basement you will find two rooms unsuitable for photos at the moment … the boys' playroom and the future Theatre Room … 

Lets head upstairs … I love this light in the foyer space of the upper level. It is the smaller Orb light from Restoration that matches the light in the foyer. 

Upper Level Laundry with the black-and-white checkered floor I always wanted … 
Fletcher's Fireman Bedroom (Land of Nod). Yes, he needs decor … 
Emmett's Pirate Bedroom (Land of Nod)
Emmett + Fletcher's shark bathroom (Pottery Barn Kids)

Baby Julkowski's future nursery … 

Baby Julkowski's future bathroom. 
Nevermind the fact that the baby's bathroom is larger than the Master Bathroom in our old house. Ridiculous

There is something about a basket of freshly rolled wash cloths … 

Master Bedroom

Unquestionably, my favorite room of the house. The Master Bathroom and Closet.

I swear, this bathroom is like a spa. Three shower heads and heated tile.
It's actually "fun" to get out of bed in the morning!
My closet is one of the last spaces that needs to get unpacked. I am waiting for my maternity leave to tackle this one so the maternity gear can GO! 

Thanks for visiting … hope you come for a real visit soon!

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